The Skinner House is the only Level 29 building. Upon completion, the player will unlock Agnes Skinner, the sixth female character in the game. The Skinner house will pay out income tax of $120 and 12XP every 6 hours, and will take up 6x8 squares of land.


The Skinner House is the home of Principal Skinner and his mother Agnes. The house belongs to Seymour, once clarifying that his mother lived with him, and not the other way around. The wall in front of the staircase is dedicated to framed photos of their silhouettes, which they make one night a week - Agnes has a job to 'Do Silhouette Night' which is linked with this.

Jobs Involved Edit

Regular Jobs


  • Do Crossword Puzzles - 8h
  • Do Silhouette Night - 12h

Level's Quest Based Jobs


  • Do Silhouette Night - 12h


  • The Skinner House is the only Level 29 building. This means that Level 29 is one of the few levels to only have one building unlocked when it is reached. These levels include Levels 36, 33, 29, 22, 21, and 20. This list excludes tutorial levels.
  • Its the only building in the game that has a tree in the front yard automatically.
  • Excluding mansions, the Skinner house is the most expensive house in the game.
  • Like most other homes, Homer Simpson will raid its fridge.


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