She-She Lounge
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Valentine's Day 2016 Event
Valentine's 2018 Promotion
Love, Springfieldian Style 2019 Event

How to Unlock

Complete Valentine's Forgotten Favors

Level Required





Cash200, XP20

Collection Time

12 hours



Building Time

6 seconds


Solitary Sapphoholics


Cleaning Lipstick Off Glasses

Conform-O-Meter Impact

Gluttony: +10

The She-She Lounge is a limited time premium building released on February 10, 2016, as part of the Valentine's Day 2016 Event.

It returned on February 12, 2018 during the Valentine's 2018 Promotion.

It returned on January 23, 2019 during the Love, Springfieldian Style 2019 Event.

About Edit

The She-She Lounge is a lesbian bar located in the Lower East Side of Springfield. While many lesbian bars have come and gone in Springfield, the She-She Lounge remains a source of pride, sisterhood, and the best margaritas in the city, and, with its friendly, laid-back atmosphere, is considered to be one of the finest watering holes in town.

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Jobs Involved Edit

Regular Jobs

Helen Lovejoy

  • Drink at the She-She Lounge - 4h


  • Drink at the She-She Lounge - 4h

Ruth Powers

  • Drink at the She-She Lounge - 4h

Event's Quest Based Jobs

Adult Springfielders

  • Party at the She-She Lounge - 4h

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

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