The Shadow Government Mystery Box is a premium limited-time mystery box available during The Buck Stops Here 2018 Event.

Prizes Edit

Item Chance of Winning* Item's Actual Price
Adil Hoxha 10% Donuts75
All Seeing Eye 10% Donuts100
Femme Fatale 10% Donuts60
Death Table 10% Cheap Intel Icon78600
Mastermind Bundle (Version 1 only) 10% Donuts120
President Lisa 10% Chronons Icon29100
Republican Party HQ 10% Donuts90
Russ Cargill 10% Donuts80
Stradivarius Cain 10% Corporate Intel Icon70250
Wayne Slater 10% Personal Intel Icon74800

* Chances vary if one or more items are already owned.


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