Sensei You, Sensei Me is a premium quest that is part of the Akira premium quest chain. It was released on September 5, 2014.


Quest Requirements Triggered By Time
Sensei You, Sensei Me Pt. 1 Make Akira Karate Time
Make Ninja Homer Karate Time
Homer 8h
Sensei You, Sensei Me Pt. 2 Make Akira Impersonate a Character from Star Trek Homer 12h


Sensei You, Sensei Me Pt. 1Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Sensei, if you want to show how awesome your ancestral culture is, I know a better way than shoving midget trees everywhere."

"Use your ability to kick ass to prove you guys are kickass!"

Akira Icon "Homer, you think being breathtakingly powerful at martial arts will excite people more than being good with vegetables?"
Homer Icon "Yuh huh!"
Akira Icon "Homer-san, please join me, but only if you have appropriate attire. When it comes to violence, I am very strict about wardrobe."

Sensei You, Sensei Me Pt. 2Edit


Character Dialogue
Akira Icon "Why do you want me to say this?"
Homer Icon "Just do it! Just do it! Just do it!"
Akira Icon "I still don't understand what the point is."
Homer Icon "Trust me. Doing karate was awesome, right? I promise this will be even awesomer."
Akira Icon "Ok. Here goes. *clears throat*"

"Oh my!"

Homer Icon "He he he. You sound just like him."


Character Dialogue
Bart Icon "That isn't Sulu. Sulu tried to buy weed and go to White Castle."
Homer Icon "Grrrrr. I hate the passage of time."

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