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The Season 24 Premiere or the Moonshine River Promotional was the first ever promotional event to be featured in The Simpsons: Tapped Out. It was a very small update consisting of only one new decoration and no new quest chain. It was released on September 28 2012 worldwide.

Episode synopsis[edit | edit source]

The Simpsons travel to New York City in search of Bart's long-lost love Mary Spuckler (guest voice Zooey Deschanel) who he wants to reconnect with since she has left Springfield and her hillbilly family there to reinvent herself in the big apple. Lisa and Marge look forward to experiencing all the city has to offer but when they realize their budget won't allow a Broadway play they settle for the free "Shakespeare In the Park" which doesn't go as planned

New content[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of all the new content included in the promotional. Note that the Duff Racer decoration was not available after the promotional until the Super Bowl Event was released.

Decorations[edit | edit source]

Name Cost
Duff Racer FREE

Promotional images[edit | edit source]

Other Languages[edit | edit source]

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