The Sarah Wiggum Promotion is a limited-time premium consumable that was released as a Gil deal on August 17, 2018, as part of the Moe's Ark 2018 Event. Upon completion of Springfield Aquarium, Sarah Wiggum is unlocked.

New Content Edit


Name Cost Available
Springfield Aquarium August 17 - 23


Name Cost Available
Sarah Wiggum August 17 - 23

Gil Deal Dialogue Edit

Character Dialogue
Gil Icon Ol' Gil's luck is turning around. Larry Kidkill is reopening the zoo. I'll betcha baboons to beluga whales I can sell him the Aquarium.
Gil Selling Icon You can't have a zoo without Ol’ Gil or fish gills!

Offer Declined Edit

Character Dialogue
Gil Surprised Icon Not taking the bait? I'm the one on the hook, line, and sinker this time.
Gil Sad Icon Ol' Gil's going to be sleeping with the fishes for real.

Offer Accepted Edit

Character Dialogue
Gil Happy Icon I may have been washed up, but my aquarium critters don't have to be!
Gil Icon We're all having sushi tonight!

Gallery Edit

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