Santa Coins (Santa Coin Currency Icon) were a limited time currency used during the Christmas 2012 Event. They are spendable, like cash or donuts, similar to Treats and unlike GOO and Gift Cards which used the prize system. They were used to purchase Christmas Event items.

Content Bought With Santa Coins Edit


Name Cost
Barney's Bowlarama Santa Coin Currency Icon200
Mapple Store Santa Coin Currency Icon150
Try-N-Save Santa Coin Currency Icon450


Name Cost
Pink Funzo Santa Coin Currency Icon1000
Purple Funzo Santa Coin Currency Icon750
Santa's Little Helper Santa Coin Currency Icon1500

Trivia Edit

  • Santa Coins are apparently chocolate coins, and they have Santa Homer pictured on them.
    • On January 3, 2012, Homer says how excited he is to eat all of the Santa Coins, and Lisa says some of the coins are actually coins.
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