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Santa's Village is a quest chain from the Christmas Event 2012 featuring the Santa's Village and Santa Homer.


Quest Requirements Time
Santa's Village Build Santa's Village 6s
Ho Training Make Santa Homer Do Santa Training
Build Barney's Bowlarama
Make Barney Go on a Binge
Santa's On The Job Build Try-N-Save
Make Santa Homer Endure the Whiney Kids
Slippery Santa Make Santa Homer Break in for Milk and Cookies 60m
A Very Bad Idea Make Santa Homer Get Stuck in the Chimney 4h
Hardly A Silent Night Make Santa Homer Fly Santa's Sleigh 24h


Santa's Village[]

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon.png "There must be an easier and faster way to get Santa Coins!"
Barney Icon.png "I had a job as a Mall Santa last year. It paid good... and in real dollars, not candy canes!"
Homer Icon.png "Wow, maybe I can do that! I have a belly and a lap. Though I can't tell which is which. All I need is a Santa suit."
Lisa Icon.png "You could get one at Santa's Village. Plus, if we build it, we'll get loads more Santa Coins every day!"

Ho Training[]

Character Dialogue
Santa Homer Icon.png "Hey, Barney, look at me! I'm Saint Santa Noel Nicholas!"
Barney Icon.png "You'll be a great Santa, Homer. I toast you with this glass of champagne! And the rest of the case."

Santa's On The Job[]

Character Dialogue
Santa Homer Icon.png "I'm a Certified Fake-Beard Real-Belly Santa Claus! When do I start?"

Slippery Santa[]

Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon.png "Dad! Are you going off in your Santa's outfit to deliver presents?"
Santa Homer Icon.png "No, I'll let the real Santa do that. I'm just doing some home invasions."

A Very Bad Idea[]


Character Dialogue
Santa Homer Icon.png "Now Lisa's mad at me. I don't want our family to be the first one ever to have a sad Christmas. Maybe if I surprise her in my Santa suit..."


Character Dialogue
Santa Homer Icon.png "Ho-ho-D'oh! Why did I have all those reindeer burgers tonight?"
"Okay, brain, I did the hard work of getting us here. You get us out."

Hardly A Silent Night[]


Character Dialogue
Santa Homer Icon.png "The magic of Christmas has convinced me that I can fly!"
Barney Icon.png "The magic of grain alcohol convinces me that every night."


Character Dialogue
Santa Homer Icon.png "Wow, look at me, I really am Santa! In your face, Easter Bunny!"
Bart Icon.png "Homer, there's only one fat guy who brings us presents and his name ain't Santa."