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"Santa's Little Helper" is a quest assigned to the player during the Christmas Event in order to obtain Santa's Little Helper. The Simpson family wishes to re-obtain Santa's Little Helper in recognition of the Christmas season. Assigned by Bart. Requirements for Completion:


Quest Requirements Rewards
Santa's Little Helper Have Santa Coins (1500)
Get Santa's Little Helper
Santa Coins10


Santa's Little Helper Start[]

Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon.png "Remember that Christmas we got Santa's Little Helper?"
Homer Icon.png "Yeah. It was only a little while ago, but it seems like 24 years."
Lisa Icon.png "I wish he would come back."
Homer Icon.png "Not me. He always hogged the table scraps."

Santa's Little Helper End[]

Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon.png "Santa's Little Helper! This has been the best Christmas since the one when we first got him."
Homer Icon.png "What about the one where we saw what Christmas would be like in the future?"
Lisa Icon.png "That was good too. Not Emmy-winning good, but good."
Homer Icon.png "Stupid penguins..."
Lisa Icon.png "Happy Holidays, everyone!"