Santa's List is a limited time questline released on December 3, 2014 during the Christmas 2014 Event. Its purpose was to guide the player through Santa's Tasks and as an incentive for the player to do complete them.


Quest Requirements Time Triggered By
Santa's Lists Pt. 1 Complete Santa's Tasks -- Auto
Green is Good. Green Works Pt. 1 Make Elves Make Toys (x20) 4h Auto
Santa's List Pt. 2 Complete Santa's Tasks (1/3) -- Auto
Green is Good. Green Works Pt. 2 Make Elves Make Toys (x50) 4h Auto
Santa's List Pt. 3 Complete Santa's Tasks (3/6) -- Auto
Santa's List Pt. 4 Complete Santa's Tasks (6/10) -- Auto
Santa's List Pt. 5 Complete Santa's Tasks (10/14) -- Auto
Santa's LIst Pt. 6 Complete Santa's Tasks (14/19) -- Auto


Santa's List Pt. 1Edit


Character Dialogue
Santa Icon "We can't have Christmas until we do everything on my list."

"At the speed you're going, Homer, we won't get done until Arbor Day... of 2016."
"And to make the elves work faster, I'll give them the power to fly."

Homer Icon "How will you do that?"
Santa Icon "I'll have my flying reindeer lick the elves with their magical saliva. A nice, thorough tongue bath and boom! Flying elf."

"Oh, don't give me that look, you reindeer. Check your contracts -- it's in there!"

Enter the Elf Cave and open tunnel doors to find tasks.

Complete tasks to get more decorations and elves.

— In-Game Message


Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Is all the stuff on this list really that important?"
Santa Icon "I've been doing this for hundreds of years."

"All of this is essential for Christmas to happen."

Homer Icon "I see one on here that says I have to keep you stocked in whiskery-spiked hot chocolate."
Santa Icon "That's why I'm so jolly. I'm half-blitzed all the time."

Green is Good. Green Works Pt. 1Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Mr. Santa, can I go on break?"
Santa Icon "Homer, you've already had your break."

"Christmas is getting close, and we have many presents to make."
"Look at the elves. They love bringing joy to children, so they never stop making toys."
"As soon as they finish one present they start right away on the next one."

Homer Icon "In that case, I'll take their breaks."

Santa's List Pt. 2Edit

Character Dialogue
Santa Icon "I appreciate all you're doing Homer, but remember, we're in a hurry."
Homer Icon "Can't we just wait till the last day to do this?"

"That's how I do Christmas shopping."

Santa Icon "I'll tell you what. If you can complete all the tasks in a tunnel within a day, I'll give you a little bonus."

"You've already completed one, so just finish the next two before the timer runs out."

Homer Icon "I am more of a "let the timer run out and see if anyone notices I didn't do my job" kinda guy."

"But okay we'll try it your way."

Green is Good. Green Works Pt. 2Edit

Character Dialogue
Santa Icon "Homer, don't drink that!"
Homer Icon "But the elves gave me it. They said it's their special elixir."
Santa Icon "You fool! The elves brew that from crystal-clear underground streams and the fungus that grows between their own toes."

"For elves, it's a potent stimulant that helps them work faster and harder."
"But for you... it would almost certainly kill you."
"After giving you the most unbelievably great and mind-blowing high in human history."

Homer Icon "I'll save it for later, then, ‘cause when I finally can't take Bart anymore, I want to go out happy."
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