In the name of cosplay, I will be your magical champion.
— Sailor Kumiko's Unlock Message

Sailor Kumiko is a limited-time premium outfit for Kumiko released on January 31, 2017, as part of the Destination Springfield 2017 Event. She was unlocked once either version of the Americatown and Sailor Kumiko was purchased.

Both versions of Americatown and Sailor Kumiko returned on March 21, 2018 during The Springfield Jobs 2018 Event.

Jobs Edit

Regular Jobs

Task Rewards Time Requires Visual
Pose for Photos Cash105
60m - Check
Repel Desperate Nerds Cash260
4h Convention Center
OR Brown House
Protect Innocents Cash420
8h Kwik-E-Mart Nope
Team Up With Other Sailor Soldier Girls Cash600
12h Convention Center
OR Brown House
Defeat Evil Cash1000
24h - Check

Quest Based Jobs

Task Rewards Time Requires Quest Visual
Compete in the Costume Contest Cash260
4h - Dispirited Away Pt. 2 Check
Read Manga Cash260
4h Android's Dungeon Dispirited Away Pt. 3 Nope

Trivia Edit

  • Her name and appearance are a parody of the anime TV series Sailor Moon.
  • She is one of the few characters whose unlock picture appears looking to the left of the screen instead of the right.

Gallery Edit

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