The Sacred Parchment was a limited time decoration available during the Stonecutters 2014 Event.


A new riddle was released each day during the event. However, if a player missed a day they could go back to past riddles. Solving a riddle earned the player 50 Emblems.

Icon Unlocked On Riddle Answer
Riddle June 3

June 3rd

A pointy-haired girl yearns to play her favorite instrument. Lisa
Play the Sax
Riddle June 4 June 4th Eight hungry children, fed by an overworked shopkeep. Apu
Feed the Octuplets
Riddle June 5 June 5th A celebrity gets the monkey off his back. Krusty
Walk Mr. Teeny
Sacredparchment3 June 6th A young boy searches doggedly for his loved one. Milhouse
Find Puppy Goo-Goo
Sacredparchment4 June 7th Getting out in nature is an admirable pursuit, in principle. Skinner
Go Bird Watching
Sacredparchment5 June 8th Great Scott! It's an instrument of war. Willie
Play the Bagpipes
Stonecutters June 9 June 9th The worst costume ever is the one you make yourself. Comic Book Guy
Stonecutters June 10 June 10th What's black and white and carried all over? Moe
Smuggle Endangered Species
Stonecutters June 11 June 11th A revered pastime derails your preconception of religion. Reverend Lovejoy
Ride 1:5 Scale Train
Stonecutters June 12 June 12th Two wheels transport the son of a king. Martin
Ride A Bike
Stonecutters June 13 June 13th It would be criminal to skip this art lesson. Marge
Teach an Art Class
Stonecutters June 14 June 14th Four wheels transport the son of a Greek poet. Bart
Stonecutters June 15 June 15th The serpent has a mane that must be maintained. Snake
Comb Your Bitchin' Hair
Riddle June 16 June 16th Daddy needs a new pair of size 30 shoes! Krusty
Visit the Track
Stonecutters June 17 June 17th Secrets that aren't hidden are a waste. Mr. Burns
Hide Nuclear Waste
Riddle June 18 June 18th A Flaming Moe has a liquor-ish sting. Smithers
Whip It!
Stonecutters June 19 June 19th Pyromaniacs love learnding! Ralph
Burn Things
Stonecutters June 20 June 20th Now that's a spicy squeezebox! Luigi
Play the Accordion
Stonecutters June 21 June 21st Mandela manipulates a modern mandolin. Nelson
Play the Guitar
Stonecutters June 22 June 22nd He communicates with his ancestors in Norse Code. Carl
Honor his Icelandic Heritage
Stonecutters June 23 June 23rd You can't put a price on love, but you can always buy a heart. Dr. Hibbert
Deal Organs on the Black Market
Stonecutters June 24 June 24th Five-letter word for a grumpy, old woman. Second letter: "G." Agnes
Do Crossword Puzzles
Stonecutters June 25 June 25th A musical offering you cannot refuse. Fat Tony
Play the Violin
Stonecutters June 26 June 26th A missing limb sounds like bad genes. Herman
Sell Counterfeit Jeans


Solving certain numbers of riddles unlocked new Stonecutter costumes and the grand prize of the Ark of the Stonecovenant. Once players solved 24 riddles, The Ark of the Stoneconvenant quest-line starts.

Image Name Amount of Riddles to Solve
Number 21 Number 21 1
Number 11 Number 111 5
Number 22 Number 22 10
Number 66Number 67 Number 66
Number 67
Number 59 Number 59 20
Ark of the Stonecovenant Ark of the Stonecovenant 24


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