SKINNERRR?! and Night At The Knowledgeum quests are two Level 34 quest chains that unlock Superintendent Chalmers and the Springfield Knowledgeum.


Quest Requirements Time Reward
"SKINNERRR?!" Pt 1 Build Springfield High School 4h Cash100
"SKINNERRR?!" Pt 2 Make Chalmers Shout at "SKINNERRRR!" 60m Cash100
"SKINNERRR?!" Pt 3 Make Chalmers Administer a Science Test 4h Cash100
Night At The Knowledgeum Pt. 1 Build Springfield Knowledgeum Cash100
Night At The Knowledgeum Pt. 2 Make Lisa Spend the Night at the Knowledgeum
Make Skinner Spend the Night at the Knowledgeum
Night At The Knowledgeum Pt. 3 Make Lisa Fix the Science Curriculum
Make Skinner Fix the Science Curriculum
"SKINNERRR?!" Pt 4 Make Chalmers Administer a Science Test Cash100


"SKINNERRR?!" Pt 1Edit

Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "Principal Skinner? Have you ever thought about what comes after all this?"
Skinner Icon "Do you mean the afterlife? Yes, I've got it all figured out."
"Heaven will be me and mother sitting in comfy recliners, and I have control of the TV remote."
"Hell is the same, but she gets to pick the shows."
Lisa Icon "No, I meant what comes after we kids graduate from Springfield Elementary. We need a high school!"

"SKINNERRR?!" Pt 2Edit

Character Dialogue
Skinner Icon "When you have only one school in town, you only need a principal to run it."
"But with two schools, we'll need a... a... superintendent."
Chalmers Icon "And poof, like magic, here I am."

"SKINNERRR?!" Pt 3Edit


Character Dialogue
Chalmers Icon "Well, Seymour, I see you're performing your duties to your usual high standard of sickening incompetence."
Skinner Icon "Thank you, sir. As you can see, we still only have a handful of students at Springfield Elementary. It's lovely."
Chalmers Icon "Yes. I'd almost forgotten how peaceful it is when the entire student body gets blown to Kingdom Come. We'll have to do it more often."
"But for now, let's roll up our sleeves and get educating!"
"We'll start with the foundation of any strong liberal art education -- standardized test-taking."


Character Dialogue
Chalmers Icon "Seymour, these test scores are abominable! In science, we got the lowest aggregate score ever recorded!"
Skinner Icon "It could be argued that, by establishing a new worst, we have in fact made a major contribution to science."
Chalmers Icon "It could be so argued by an idiot."
Skinner Icon "But my point stands."
Chalmers Icon "This is unacceptable, Skinner! Get out of my office while I think on what to do about this!"

Night At The Knowledgeum Pt. 1Edit

Character Dialogue
Skinner Icon "It's not my fault these idiot kids don't know the difference between the decay rate of a top quark and a W boson."
"I've provided them with the hands-off rote memorization of atomic numbers that young brains crave. And still, they don't learn!"
Lisa Icon "Maybe we could try something a little more interactive. Do you remember the Springfield Knowledgeum?"
Skinner Icon "How could I forget it?"
"I once dropped a twenty dollar bill there, and I couldn't find it. It was one of the formative experiences of my adult life."

Night At The Knowledgeum Pt. 2Edit

Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "This is truly amazing. I feel like I am surrounded by knowledge, cradled in the bosom of learning!"
Skinner Icon "I would echo your sentiment, but if I say the word "bosom" around a child, I could lose my job."
Lisa Icon "Let's split up. Remember -- we're looking for ways to make science fun for kids."
Skinner Icon "Or, barring that, some sort of kid-shaped automaton that is good at science tests."
"Or, barring that, let's try to determine if there are any job openings in their janitorial team."
"And if so, if they'd be interested in someone like me."

Night At The Knowledgeum Pt. 3Edit

Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "I think I know how to revitalize the science curriculum. Let's do what this place does, and show that science is fun!"
Skinner Icon "Whoa, whoa, whoa, Lisa. "Science is fun?" I have Masters in Education, young lady."
"And one of the things I learned in graduate school is that science is boring and, to use a technical term, sucky.
"Even Einstein knew science was a total snooze-fest! Probably, I mean, he was super-smart, so he must've known that."
Lisa Icon "I'm telling you -- follow my advice, and Springfield Elementary will be filled with budding scientists in no time."

"SKINNERRR?!" Pt 4Edit


Character Dialogue
Skinner Icon "Um, Superintendent Chalmers?"
Chalmers Icon "Can't you see I'm busy? I'm trying to determine the most painful, humiliating way to fire you."
"What I have so far is good, but it doesn't really "sing" yet, you know?"
Skinner Icon "Yes, of course. But I think the children should be retested now that they've learned how fun science can be."
Chalmers Icon "Science is fun?" The very notion goes against centuries of Western thought. I'll admit it -- I'm intrigued."


Character Dialogue
Chalmers Icon "Well, look at that. The kids' test scores are up. Way up! I'm talking "satisfactory" up! Well done, Seymour!"
Skinner Icon "Thank you, sir. Although I have to admit, I had help."
Chalmers Icon "Yes, yes, we all assumed that."
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