Robots are NPC's available during the SciFi 2016 Event.

They serve as the usual roaming characters. They spawn every 3 minutes until the amount of 30 is reached. When the town is filled, further Robots are spawned to a bank and moved from the bank into the town as soon as some of them are tapped by the player. The bank also can't hold more than 50 Robots. This makes a town go full after 4 hours have passed.

Rewards Edit

When tapped they gave 1 prize track currency depending on the act, Matter in Act 1, Chronons in Act 2, or Antimatter in Act 3, as well as crafting currencies, 1 Robot Part per Robot, and 1 Future Buck as well after the player completed Do Me a Solid Pt. 4.

They could have also been encountered in friends' towns; however only the first 90 friend actions of each day rewarded event currencies. Rewards from friend actions could have been doubled by purchasing the Robot Salvage License.

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