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The New Evergreen Terrace

Street Roads are unique tile decorations that characters may walk on. They are free and may be connected to other road tiles from any direction. Roads are free to place and remove, and are not stored in the player's inventory, much like pavement tiles and Rivers which act in the same way. Roads can be placed over Rivers, becoming bridges in the process (and if a River is placed crossing an existing Road, the Road section turns into a Bridge).

The Road itself is about 2.4 spaces wide, with 0.8 square wide strips of sidewalk along its borders (each section has 5 sidewalk squares in 4 land squares of space).

Jobs Involved Edit

Regular Jobs


  • Skateboard - 4h

Cool Lisa

  • Attempt to Skate Board - 4h

George Washington

  • Hunt for Jebediah Springfield - 24h


  • Skateboard - 24h


  • Skateboard - 12h

Trivia Edit

  • Snake Eggs, from the Whacking Day 2013 Event, could be placed on roads providing that they did not go on the sidewalk.
  • There was a glitch that caused the Barrier decoration to be placed on the sidewalks
  • If a player removes roads from their Springfield completely, no characters will move from their positions unless assigned a task at a different location. Some players use this game feature (that characters do not walk on non-road tiles unless needed to for mobility) and place only a few road tiles, in order to make it easier to find characters not doing tasks.
    • However, this isn't necessary any longer because after the Christmas 2013 Event, a character not doing a task can be selected in the left upper corner.
    • Also, it appears that characters prefer to walk on roads, but their walking is not limited to roads. In other words, characters will also walk on grass and, occasionally, even cross rivers to reach their destination.
  • The Parking Meter is the only decoration that can be put on sidewalks.
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