Retirement Castle Quests is a 3-part task line that unlocks Grampa and the Retirement Castle.


Quest Task Time Reward
The Greying of Springfield Build the Retirement Castle Cash100, XP10
Unlock: Grampa
Good Samaritan Make Lisa Read to Old People Cash100, XP10
For the Birds Have a Bench
Make Grampa Feed the Birds
Cash100, XP10


The Greying of SpringfieldEdit


Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "I wonder how Grampa is doing."
"We haven't seen him since before the explosion."
Homer Icon "Yeah, it's been nice."
Marge Icon *annoyed murmur*


Character Dialogue
Grampa Icon "Wha?"
"Where am I?"
"What am I doing here?"
"I had a DNR order!"

Good SamaritanEdit

Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "Ivy League schools LOVE applicants who volunteer."
"Especially when they do it for totally unselfish reasons."

For the BirdsEdit


Character Dialogue
Grampa Icon "My family doesn't want to listen to my stories."
"At least the birds will listen."


Character Dialogue
Grampa Icon "Hey wait, come back!"
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