Relics were a limited-time currency that was released on October 3, 2018, for Treehouse of Horror XXIX Event. They served as a second personal prize currency that reset to zero when the acts changed over. Relics could be earned when the player discovers them by using Pickaxes to dig sections at the Old Ruins.

Relic Prizes[edit | edit source]

Old Ruin Relic Prizes Indicator.png

Act One

Name Relics to Collect
Spooky Shrub Bundle Relics Icon.png2
Stone Arch Relics Icon.png10
Ornate Ruin Wall Relics Icon.png25
Summoning Circle Relics Icon.png50
Count Grampa Relics Icon.png90

Act Two

Name Relics to Collect
Big Bone Relics Icon.png2
Bone Pile Relics Icon.png10
Rickety Bridge Relics Icon.png25
Offering Stone Relics Icon.png50
Were-Milhouse Relics Icon.png90

Act Three

Name Relics to Collect
Pottery Relics Icon.png2
Little Dune Relics Icon.png10
Sandstone Statue Relics Icon.png25
Ancient Dig Relics Icon.png50
Mummy Wiggum Relics Icon.png90

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