Red Mage Nerd is a limited time decoration that was introduced during the Clash of Clones 2014 Event. The item was released with the October 2nd update.

The Red Mage Nerd can be placed in either Springfield or Krustyland, and will increase a player's Obedience Rating or Kitsch Rating respectively.

Nerds 'R' UsEdit

Character Dialogue
Barbarian Icon "Nerds am confusing. Why they make costumes and fake fight?"
Homer Icon "Fake fight?! What are you talking about?! We killed thousands of them in the last few weeks."
Barbarian Icon "Yeah, but THEY think it just fake fight."
Homer Icon *chuckles* "You wouldn't think it from the definition... but nerds are really stupid."
"Too bad they'll be gone soon."
Barbarian Icon "Gone?! Where am be wenting will go them?"
Homer Icon "I dunno -- probably to do something sci-fi-y. Nerds lose interest fast."
"They're crazy about swords and raiding now, but in a few days it'll be lasers and skintight space suits."
Barbarian Icon "They desert? No! Me stop that!"
Homer Icon "How? Are you going to chain them up like animals so they can't leave?"
Barbarian Icon "Me was just going to cut off legs, but that good idea too. Save me from having to sharpen sword."
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