Real Estate Value Points (Real Estate Indicator) is a type of experience for the Springfield Heights Expansion. It is earned by leveling up certain buildings such as the Deluxe Condo, buying decorations and buildings that cost other Springfield Heights currency like Furniture, or by making Cookie Kwan Advertise Springfield Heights.

Earning certain amounts of Real Estate Value Points unlocks more buildings, decorations and jobs for the Heights. In addition, there is a personal prize track, where five items can be obtained by reaching certain real estate values.

Real Estate Value Points applies only to items related to the Springfield Heights updates; other buildings and decorations do not contribute to the real estate value.

Personal Prizes Edit

Accumulating enough Real Estate Value Points will unlock the following items:

Prize Real Estate Value Points to Accumulate
Montessori School Real Estate Indicator1M
Flying Car Real Estate Indicator25M
Springfield Lake Real Estate Indicator200M
Ziff Mansion Real Estate Indicator500M
Billionaire Haven Real Estate Indicator1B

Trivia Edit

  • Even if the player places or upgrades a building or decoration in their regular Springfield that belongs in Springfield Heights, it will still reward Real Estate Value Points.

Gallery Edit

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