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Ray Guns (Raygun) were the second prize currency from the Treehouse of Horror XXV Event. For each Rigellian tapped, players earned 2 Ray Guns. Players could also earn Ray Guns from visiting neighbors, earning 1 Ray Gun for the first 90 actions per day.

A Rigellian Hunting License, if the player owns one, increases the amount of Ray Guns collected from squishing Rigellians.

Ray Gun Prize Track Edit

The table below shows each prize available during Act 2 and how many Ray Guns were needed for each prize.

Prize Need to Collect
Silver Treat Bag Raygun300
Gold Treat Bag Raygun775
Silver Treat Bag Raygun1075
Bulldozer-saurus Raygun2825
Silver Treat Bag Raygun3125
Gold Treat Bag Raygun3600
Silver Treat Bag Raygun3900
Gold Treat Bag Raygun4375
Gold Treat Bag Raygun4850
Hover-Copter Raygun7100

Need to Collect Edit

The following chart shows how many Ray Guns were needed to be collected at the end of each day in order to get the top prize listed above.

Date Need to Collect
October 20 Raygun646
October 21 Raygun1292
October 22 Raygun1938
October 23 Raygun2584
October 24 Raygun3230
October 25 Raygun3876
October 26 Raygun4522
October 27 Raygun5168
October 28 Raygun5814
October 29 Raygun6460
October 30 Raygun7100
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