Rancho Relaxo is a premium building that was released on January 28, 2015 along with the level 49 update. Upon completion Don Vittorio is unlocked.

It was offered with a rebate of 35 Donuts on November 29, 2015, during Day 3 of the Black Friday 2015 Promotion, and on November 26, 2016, during Day 2 of the Black Friday 2016 Promotion.

About Edit

Rancho Relaxo is a spa located in the Springfield Mountains and currently the only two-star health spa in Springfield. The land for the spa was allegedly found by Spanish explorers. The spa contains a tennis court, jacuzzis, mudbaths among other things. Activities include bungie jumping, kayaking, calligraphy, cigar making and hula dancing. The radios are set to W-KOMA, an easy listening music radio channel. The TVs show various Hollywood hits and after-midnight European R-rated movies. Troy McClure is featured in a video guide to guests. Rancho Relaxo has its own train station, and can be accessed by train from Springfield.

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Jobs Involved Edit

Regular Jobs

Don Vittorio

  • Relax at Rancho Relaxo - 24h

Trivia Edit

  • Rancho Relaxo is similar in design to the D'Amico Summer Home.
  • It can be placed on grass, pavement, or dirt.
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