The Quimby Compound is a building released with the Level 47 content update on November 12, 2014. Upon completion Freddy Quimby is unlocked.


The Quimby Compound is a mansion in Springfield where Mayor Quimby lives. It includes a swimming pool with a volleyball court.

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Jobs InvolvedEdit

Regular Jobs

Freddy Quimby

  • Create a Salacious Headline - 12h
  • Enjoy a Privileged Life - 24h

Mrs. Quimby

  • Give an Estate Tour - 60m
  • Redecorate a Room - 24h

Level's Quest Based Jobs

Gina Vendetti

  • Cut up Martha’s Bikinis - 2h


  • Praise Gina for Her Public Service - 2h

Quest Based Jobs

Mrs. Quimby

  • Throw a Fundraiser - 6h


  • 'Investigate' the Cyber-Attack - 12h

Springfield Elite

  • Attend Fundraiser - 6h


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