Quimby's Big Idea was a limited-time quest released on March 3, 2020, as Quimby's part of the main questline to the Black History 2020 Event. It was preceded by the questline In the Lukewarm of the Twilight.

Quests Edit

Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
Quimby's Big Idea Make Quimby Shut His Sandwich Hole
Make Lisa Facepalm

Dialogue Edit

Quimby's Big Idea Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Quimby Smug Icon I hope you all enjoyed this celebration I threw in honor of Black History Month.
Dr. Hibbert Icon Actually, it was the town's black citizens that pensioned for this.
Quimby Happy Icon And it was I who considered that petition while eating a sandwich. Remember that this November and vote Quimby.
Lou Annoyed Icon *annoyed murmur*
Carl Annoyed Icon Yeesh.
Opal Annoyed Icon Oh hell naw.
Quimby Surprised Icon I was not aware that the black community felt such resentment toward sandwiches.

End Edit

No dialogue

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