Pushback was a limited time questline that was released on April 28, 2015 during the Terwilligers 2015 Event. It was the second and last part of the Event's Act 2. Progressing through it unlocked Sideshow Bob.


Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
Pushback Pt. 1 Reach Level 13 and Build Android's Dungeon
Make Comic Book Guy Role Play Cosmic Wars
6h Gas Masks100, XP10 Bart
Pushback Pt. 2 Upgrade Herbicide Squirter to Level 3 - Gas Masks100, XP10 Bart
Pushback Pt. 3 Reach Level 22 and Build Krabappel Apartment
Make Mrs. Krabappel Go on a Date
4h Gas Masks100, XP10 Lisa
Pushback Pt. 4 Collect Bob Clones (25x) - Gas Masks100, XP10 Moe
Pushback Pt. 5 Upgrade Monsarno Research to Level 8 - Gas Masks100, XP10 Mrs. Krabappel
Pushback Pt. 6 Make Springfielders Riot And Smash Krusty Burger (5x)
Make Springfielders Riot And Loot Kwik-E-Mart (5x)
Make Mayor Quimby Hide Out in the Brown House
Gas Masks100, XP10 Bart
Blessings of Guilt Build Outdoor Opera Stage 24h Gas Masks100, XP10
Unlock : Sideshow Bob
Mayor Quimby


Pushback Pt. 1Edit


Character Dialogue
Comic Book Guy Icon Stop destroying these clones!
Comic Book Guy Icon For the first time, I have enough clones to join me in forming a full Cosmic Wars storm trooper platoon!


Character Dialogue
Comic Book Guy Icon Clone warriors! Our first mission is to believe that these are not the drobots we are looking for.
Bob Clone Icon Simpson... Gilbert and Sullivan... Face/Off...
Comic Book Guy Icon We have succeeded!

Pushback Pt. 2Edit

Character Dialogue
Bart Icon Professor Frink, you've got to kill these Bob-clones faster!
Bart Icon Everywhere I turn, I see them. I'm going crazy. Who knows what kind of pranking I could be driven to do?!
Quimby Icon Dear God. We're already known as America's Doorstep-Burning-Poop-Bag Capital as it is. Do something, Frink!
Professor Frink Icon Fear not. Frink-Co shall live up to our slogan: “The Science of Slaughter”.
Professor Frink Icon It's not a great slogan but it was the only one no one else had taken.

Pushback Pt. 3Edit

Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon Ms. Krabappel, where are you going with that vegetable Sideshow Bob Clone?
Mrs. Krabappel Icon On a date.
Mrs. Krabappel Icon These clones are real gentlemen. They're well-groomed, they don't gas on about themselves, and they always have something nice to say to a lady.
Bob Clone Icon Splendiferous!
Mrs. Krabappel Icon Plus if you kiss them you get vitamin C.

Pushback Pt. 4Edit

Character Dialogue
Moe Icon Oh no you clones don't -- dating our ladies. I've got enough competition for women from real human men.
Moe Icon Although to be fair most women would rather clean sewer traps than go on a date with me.
Moe Icon It's time to squash Sideshow-Bob-shaped squash!

Pushback Pt. 5Edit

Character Dialogue
Selma Icon Damn it, the men of Springfield are squashing our handsome vegetable hunks.
Mrs. Krabappel Icon Cecil, you better get more clones out on the streets or you're going to get handbagged hard upside the head.
Cecil Terwilliger Icon But that would violate every inch of scientific ethics.
Selma Icon The alternative is I violate several inches of you.
Cecil Terwilliger Icon I'll get right on it.

Pushback Pt. 6Edit

Character Dialogue
Bart Icon The single men of Springfield have formed a mob that wants to destroy all the Sideshow Bob clones.
Lisa Icon And the single women have formed a mob that wants to create more of them.
Homer Icon We'll solve this the traditional Springfield way...
Homer Icon Whichever mob destroys more property is the winner.

Blessings of GuiltEdit


Character Dialogue
Quimby Icon Cecil Terwilliger, you and the Monsarno Corporation have caused an orgy of destruction that has left this town in a state that can only be called “slightly worse than normal.”
Quimby Icon How do you propose to rectify this PR nightmare?
Cecil Terwilliger Icon Well, the Corporation could do something to dramatically improve the cultural life of Springfield.
Lisa Icon Donating some used magazines would do that.
Cecil Terwilliger Icon I had in mind building an Opera House.
Quimby Icon It sounds like an expensive boondoggle.
Cecil Terwilliger Icon A boon of which you will receive an ample share of doggle.
Quimby Icon We break ground in five minutes!


Character Dialogue
Sideshow Bob Icon Whenever Monsarno runs into trouble, they build an opera house.
Sideshow Bob Icon Once again, my brother Cecil is my unwitting dupe.
Sideshow Bob Icon It was but a tiny effort to put some of my DNA into those vegetables, just as I added some Boobarella DNA into these lusty leafy vegetables.
Sideshow Bob Icon Isn’t that right, Boobarugula?
Boobarugula Icon Mmmn-nnnn
Sideshow Bob Icon Hush, my sweet. There will be time for pillow talk... tonight.
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