Purple House


Cash1100 (1st)
Cash1400 (2nd)
Cash1800 (3rd)
Cash2200 (4th)
Cash2750 (5th)
Cash3500 (6th)
Cash4400 (7th)
Cash5500 (8th)
Cash7000 (9th)
Cash8800 (10th)
Cash11000 (11th)
Cash13800 (12th)
Cash17500 (13th)
Cash22000 (14th)
Cash27500 (15th)
Cash34500 (16th)
Cash43500 (17th)
Cash55000 (18th)
Cash70000 (19th)
Cash87000 (20th)
Cash109000 (21st)
Cash137000 (22nd)
Cash175000 (23rd)
Cash216000 (24th+)

Level unlocked


Characters unlocked



Cash75, XP7

Waiting time

3 hours



Time to build

1 hour


The New Evergreen Terrace Pt. 4


Income Tax

The Purple House is a house that unlocks no new characters. The player is required to build it as part of The New Evergreen Terrace questline.

Jobs Involved Edit

Regular Jobs

Fat Tony

  • Get Rid of a Problem - 12h

French Waiter

  • Clean His Tuxedo - 60m

Hugs Bunny

  • Fight for Fair Compensation - 24h

The Yes Guy

  • Search for a New Catchphrase - 60m
  • Run Away in Shame - 12h

Quest Based Jobs

The Yes Guy

  • Call a Doctor - 4h

Façades Edit

Trivia Edit

  • When someone is doing a task here, paper flies in and out of the garage.
  • Many of The Yes Guy's jobs take place here, suggesting that he lives there.
  • It is one of the two colored houses to have an animation while in use, the other being the Brown House.
  • Homer will raid the Purple House's fridge for food in the Days of Future Future Promotional.
  • Since the Easter 2015 Event update the price of the Purple House depends on how many the player already ownes.

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