The Purple House is a house that unlocks no new characters. The player is required to build it as part of The New Evergreen Terrace questline.

Jobs Involved Edit

Regular Jobs

Fat Tony

  • Get Rid of a Problem - 12h

French Waiter

  • Clean His Tuxedo - 60m

Hugs Bunny

  • Fight for Fair Compensation - 24h

The Yes Guy

  • Search for a New Catchphrase - 60m
  • Run Away in Shame - 12h

Quest Based Jobs

The Yes Guy

  • Call a Doctor - 4h

Façades Edit

Trivia Edit

  • When someone is doing a task here, paper flies in and out of the garage.
  • Many of The Yes Guy's jobs take place here, suggesting that he lives there.
  • It is one of the two colored houses to have an animation while in use, the other being the Brown House.
  • Homer will raid the Purple House's fridge for food in the Days of Future Future Promotional.
  • Since the Easter 2015 Event update the price of the Purple House depends on how many the player already ownes.

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