Who knew I could get more puritanical?
— Puritan Flanders' unlock message.

Puritan Flanders is a costume released during the Thanksgiving 2014 Event. He is unlocked for free at the beginning of the event and is required to complete The Battle of Thanksgiving quest.

He was re-released as a premium costume for the Thanksgiving 2015 Event alone for 40 Donuts, or for 80 Donuts in the Thanksgiving Outfit Bundle together with Sacagawea Lisa, if the player had neither costumes.

He returned on November 14, 2018 during the Thanksgiving 2018 Event as part of the Thanksgiving Outfit Bundle.

Jobs Edit

Regular Jobs

Job name Rewards Time Requires Visual
Read Revelation Passages Cash105
60m Flanders House Nope
Self-Punish Cash260
4h Check
Attend a Peace Feast Cash1050
10h Outdoor Feast Table and Sacagawea Lisa Check
Perform an Exorcism Cash600
12h Brown House Nope
Use the Heimlich Machine Cash500
16h Heimlich Machine Check
Petition to Cancel Christmas Cash1000
24h Town Hall Nope

Limited Time

Job name Rewards Time Requires Quest Visual
Drink Craft Beer Cash175
4h O'Flanagan's Pub O'Flan-again Pt. 4 & Pt. 5 Nope

Quotes Edit

When Selected When sent on a good job When sent on a bad job When collecting from a job
"Heh heh heh, we Puritans have no place for drunkenness!" "We could never have survived our first year in the new world without you." "Oh, no! I just thought of you as a woman." "A little salt in the wound...argh!!...and I'm good."
"(Gasp) Oh no, that was a poem!"


Gallery Edit

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