Probes (Probe) were the first of the three prize currencies for the Treehouse of Horror XXV Event. The player received 3 for each squished Rigellian in their town, 1 for squished Rigellians in friends' towns, and extras through Treat Bags.

A Rigellian Hunting License allowed the player to collect extra probes for each squish.

Probe Prize Track Edit

The table below shows each prize available and how many Probes were needed to get them.

Prize Need to Collect
Silver Treat Bag Probe325
Gold Treat Bag Probe825
Silver Treat Bag Probe1150
Mutant Peacock Probe3250
Silver Treat Bag Probe3575
Gold Treat Bag Probe4075
Silver Treat Bag Probe4400
Gold Treat Bag Probe4900
Gold Treat Bag Probe5400
Donut Torture Device Probe8050
Silver Treat Bag Every Additional Probe750

Need to Collect Edit

The following chart shows how many Probes were needed to be collected at the end of each day in order to get the top prize listed above.

Date Need to Collect
October 8 Probe671
October 9 Probe1342
October 10 Probe2013
October 11 Probe2684
October 12 Probe3355
October 13 Probe4026
October 14 Probe4697
October 15 Probe5368
October 16 Probe6039
October 17 Probe6710
October 18 Probe7381
October 19 Probe8050
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