The Present Depot was a decoration available only for a limited time during the Christmas 2013 Event in December 2013. It is unlocked during the Too Much of a Good Thing quest and it was required to collect gift cards. It couldn't be stored in the inventory until after the Christmas event mostly because it was needed to drop presents. During the Christmas event it was the Town landing point (players would be taken here instead of the center of their towns when opening the game).

During the Christmas 2013 Event the Present Depot did not generate any income or XP however most presents land near it, but after the event it produced 35 Cash every hour.

It returned for new players in the Christmas 2014 Event as the reward for completing Tunnel 3 of Santa's Daily Tasks. It generated 8 presents and 1 XP every 4 hours, before December 24, 2014 where it now earns at a premium rate.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It resembles a Christmas tree.
  • Only one can be obtained.
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