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Prelude is the first quest of the Superheroes 2016 Event.

While playing through the questline, the Player would get Superior Squad HQ with Fallout Boy during the first part, and the Pie Man costume for Homer during the second, if they didn't have them already.


Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
Prelude Pt. 1 Make Fallout Boy* Apprehend the Suspect 6s Cash100
Prelude Pt. 2 Make Pie Man** Apprehend the Obvious Suspect 6s Cash100

* Once the starting dialogue ends, if the player hasn't unlocked him then the Superior Squad HQ is rewarded.
**Once the starting dialogue ends, if the player hasn't unlocked him then he is unlocked at the moment.


Prelude Pt. 1[]


Character Dialogue
Apu Surprised Icon.png Oh no! Someone has stolen my fresh, plump hot dogs! Okay… so they're not hot or plump or fresh but “dog” is accurate.
Fallout Boy Icon.png Fear not citizen for I, Fallout Boy, will find and apprehend the culprit responsible for these napped dogs!
Comic Book Guy Sad Icon.png Wait. There's a Fallout Boy sequel in the works?! There have been so many superhero do-overs already this year…
Comic Book Guy Annoyed Icon.png Sequels, prequels, squeakquels, re-boots, part twos, and part deux! Worst. Year. Ever!
Apu Sad Icon.png But Mister Comic Book Man, doesn't this mean Hollywood is making more of the movies you love so much?
Comic Book Guy Surprised Icon.png Gadzooks! Could this be… Best. Year. Ever??
Comic Book Guy Pain Icon.png Ugh! So... torn. Urge to watch sequels... rising...


Character Dialogue
Fallout Boy Struggling Icon.png The joke's on you Clownface! Caught red-nosed at the scene of your crime…
Clownface Surprised Icon.png Hey! Hey! Huh?!
Fallout Boy Determined Icon.png Your criminal ways sicken me more than the wieners you've stolen!
Apu Surprised Icon.png OH NO, NOT THE FREEZER! I just had a new door installed. Why must you use my frozen goods section as a weapon?
Fallout Boy Happy Icon.png You are most welcome, kind merchant. Our fine police force will now mop up the rest.

Prelude Pt. 2[]


A few minutes later at the Kwik-E-Mart...
— Comic Caption.

Character Dialogue
Homer Happy Icon.png Hi Apu! Everyday is hot dog day! Which means today is… hot dog day!
Apu Sad Icon.png I am sorry Homer… a most carnivorous crook has wiener jacked me.
Homer Horrified Icon.png WHAAAAAAT? That sounds like a job for...
Pie Man Icon.png Pie Man!


Character Dialogue
Pie Man Annoyed Icon.png I knew if I opened the oven door, I'd discover your evil bag of tricks, Clownface.
Clownface Surprised Icon.png Well, pop my pom-poms!
Apu Worried Icon.png NOT THE SQUISHEE MACHINE! Please stop throwing villains around my store… You are not helping.
Pie Man Happy Icon.png No need to thank me citizen, I'm just happy to take a slice out of crime!
Apu Angry Icon.png You squashed my Squishee machine and pinched the wrong perpetrator! Mr. Clownface did not steal my hot dogs.
Quimby Stern Icon.png No one’s laughing, Pie Man. This is a cream pie in the face of my entire mayoral administration.

News Report Pt. 1[]

Character Dialogue
Brockman Grim Icon.png Breaking news on Channel 6… violence at a beloved crap food store. Do superhero vigilantes bring safety or fear unto our town?
Comic Book Guy Annoyed Icon.png I just love it when movies build the hero up in the first story. Then use a sequel to tear them down and set the world against them.
Comic Book Guy Happy Icon.png That was supposed to be sarcasm… Egads! I really do love that! Sequels are… Best. Movies. Ever!