Positive Reinforcement is a quest that is unlocked once the player gets The Yes Guy.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Quest Requirements Time
Positive Reinforcement Pt. 1

Make The Yes Guy Search for a New Catchphrase

Positive Reinforcement Pt. 2 Make The Yes Guy Call a Doctor 4h
Positive Reinforcement Pt. 3 Make The Yes Guy Run Away in Shame 12h
Positive Reinforcement Pt. 4 Make The Yes Guy Get a Haircut 8h
Positive Reinforcement Pt. 5 Make The Yes Guy Be Mr. Burns' Yes Man 24h

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Positive Reinforcement Pt. 1[edit | edit source]

Character Dialogue
The Yes Guy Yes Icon.png "Ehh-YESSSSSSSS!!!!!
Homer Sad Icon.png "Oh, great. It's...that guy who says "yes."
The Yes Guy Icon.png "But in a very funny way! Ehh-YESSSSSSSS!!!!!"
Homer Icon.png "Right, right. Listen, Yes Guy --"
The Yes Guy Icon.png "Ehh-Y--
Homer Angry Icon.png "STOP IT! Don't. Just... don't. The thing is, this is a pretty small town. And we spend a lot of time walking around. Like, a lot.
And if whoever's in charge goes on vacation, or gets bored of use and takes a break, it's literally months of just wandering streets."
Homer Icon.png "Point is, we Springfielders spend a lot of time together. And so it's important that no one here be... how do I put this... super annoying."
The Yes Guy Icon.png "Ehh-Yes?"
Homer Icon.png "Eh-yes. Now -- and this is in no way a criticism -- but as a character, you sometimes come off a little... one-dimensional."
The Yes Guy Icon.png "Whereas Disco Stu is a fully-realized, fleshed-out being? Is that it? Stu is a satisfyingly multifaceted personality, eh-yes?"
Homer Icon.png "All I'm saying is, if you had even one more catchphrase, it's help matters."

Positive Reinforcement Pt. 2[edit | edit source]

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon.png "Any luck finding a new catchphrase, Yes Guy?"
The Yes Guy Icon.png "None at all! Eh-YESSSSSSSSS!!!!"
Carl Icon.png "I'm already crazy sick of this guy."
Homer Icon.png "Have you thought about saying "no." That could be sort of funny, maybe."
The Yes Guy Icon.png "Let's give it a whirl! Eh-nnnn... Eh-nnnnn... Eh-YESSSSSSSS!!!!"
Homer Icon.png "Hold on. Can you physically not say the word "no?"
The Yes Guy Icon.png "Eh-YESSSSSSSS!!!!"
Homer Icon.png "Maybe there's something wrong with you. Medically."
The Yes Guy Scared Icon.png "Eh-yes?"
Homer Icon.png "I'm sure it's nothing important. Probably just a thing growing in your brain."

Positive Reinforcement Pt. 3[edit | edit source]

Character Dialogue
The Yes Guy Icon.png "The doctor says there's nothing wrong with me. Also that I am unpleasant to be around. Eh-YESSSSSSSS!!!!
Homer Icon.png "If it's not a physical problem, it could be psychological. What was your childhood like?"
The Yes Guy Sad Icon.png "Eh-GUESSSSSSSS!!!!"
Moe Icon.png "You want me to guess? Okay... Early trauma, loss of one or more parents, resulting in an acute fear of abandonment."
"Thus your pathological need to be liked, and inability to say "no" to anyone or anything. Am I close?"
The Yes Guy Distraught Icon.png "Eh-YESSSSSSSS!!!!"

Positive Reinforcement Pt. 4[edit | edit source]

Character Dialogue
Mr. Burns Icon.png "Smithers! I found this man in the gutter. I want you to clean him up and give him a job."
The Yes Guy Icon.png "Eh-yes?"
Mr. Burns Icon.png "This fellow is the more naturally gifted yes man I've ever seen! I like being surrounded by yes men. It's essential to my creative process."
Smithers Icon.png "Sir, *I've* never questioned a decision of yours."
Mr. Burns Icon.png "August 6, 2004. I asked you to set a lunch meeting with me, Buck Rogers and a pterodactyl, and you refused."
Smithers Icon.png "Sir, you had a high fever. You were delusional."
Mr. Burns Icon.png "I'm a hundred-something! I'm always delusional! Now clean this man up. I want him mindlessly rubber stamping my every notion by 9AM!"

Positive Reinforcement Pt. 5[edit | edit source]

Character Dialogue
Mr. Burns Icon.png "I want to have drinks with the King of Canada and Peter Gabriel-era Genesis. Set it up."
The Yes Guy Yes Icon.png "Eh-YESSSSSSSS!!!!"
Mr. Burns Icon.png "Good man. Also -- the new order of days in the week is: Sunday, Friday, Monday, Monday Junior, 4th of July, Taco Tuesday, and Flurmsday Eve."
The Yes Guy Yes Icon.png "Eh-YESSSSSSS!!!!"
Mr. Burns Icon.png "I feel like invading somewhere. Possibly Illinois. I have no army, and I don't want to spend more than $10,000. Is that feasible?"
The Yes Guy Yes Icon.png "A brilliant idea, sir! Eh-YESSSSSSSS!!!!"
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