Poochie Scripts is a limited-time currency available during the Poochie's Dog Dayz 2018 Event. It is used during the Poorly Working Title questline, and the total is only visible there. The counter resets after each stage of the questline and excess Poochie Scripts earned do not carry over from one part to the next.

Poochie Scripts Prizes[edit | edit source]

Prize Quest Poochie Scripts Needed
Audience Research Table.png
Audience Research Table + Animated Job
Poorly Working Title Pt. 1 Poochie Script Icon.png200
Network Headquarters Menu.png
Network Headquarters
Poorly Working Title Pt. 2 Poochie Script Icon.png200
Bicycle Basketball Ramp & Poochie Icon.png
Bicycle-Basketball Ramp & Poochie + Animated Job
Poorly Working Title Pt. 3 Poochie Script Icon.png400
Free Land Token Menu.png
Free Land Token
Poorly Working Title Pt. 4 Poochie Script Icon.png300
Poochie's animated job in his car.png
Poochie's Car + Animated Job
Poorly Working Title Pt. 5 Poochie Script Icon.png500

Jobs[edit | edit source]

Jobs that earn Poochie Scripts, all done at the Simpson House:

Event's Quest Based Jobs


  • Brainstorm Ideas With the Divine - 3h


  • Make Thinly-Veiled Biblical References - 3h


  • Wonder Where the Comma Goes - 3h

Comic Book Guy

  • Offer Destructive Feedback - 3h

Sea Captain

  • Tell a Whale of a Tale - 3h


  • Take Notes on a Bar Napkin - 3h


  • Insert a Moral - 3h

Kent Brockman

  • Break a Story - 3h


  • End it in a Bloodbath - 3h


  • Get Crushed by Writer's Block - 3h

Mrs. Scratchy

  • Cut Scratchy From the Script - 3h


  • Write Himself Into the Script - 3h

Disapproving Squirrel

  • Strongly Disapprove All Suggestions - 3h

Also The Reality Channel generates Poochie Scripts.

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