The Pinwheel Firework is a limited-time premium decoration that was released on June 28, 2013, along with the 4th July 2013 Event. It has been since re-released for all subsequent 4th July events.

It was re-released on December 29, 2014 during the Christmas 2014 Event and later on March 31, 2016, during the Crook and Ladder 2016 Event.

Trivia Edit

  • Originally, it had a 0.75% bonus which was changed to 2.00% with the 4th July 2014 Event.
  • At it initial price of 30 donuts, the Pinwheel Firework had the same bonus percentage payout per donut spent that the Jet Engine Bike, but has the advantage of taking only two third of the space.
  • It is one of four firework decorations, the others being the Box of Fireworks, the Fireworks Barge and the Patriotic Box of Fireworks.
  • One was given for free to players for logging in on July 4th, 2016.

Gallery Edit

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