Pins (Brazil) were a limited-time currency released on February 24, 2017, for the Destination Springfield 2017 Event. They were used as the event's Act 3 personal prize track currency. They replaced Japan Pins after Act 2 ended.

How to Obtain Edit

Personal Prizes Edit

The following table displays the prizes won upon collecting Brazil Pins.

Name Pins to Collect
Painted Home (2) Brazil Pins Icon4414
Vicious Monkeys Brazil Pins Icon11035
SkyCredits Icon750 Brazil Pins Icon15449
Santa Teresa Tram Brazil Pins Icon26484
SkyCredits Icon750 Brazil Pins Icon30898
Samba School with Tiago Brazil Pins Icon40829

After the last prize was achieved, the player had the chance to win bonus donuts for every 7500 Brazil Pins collected.

Gallery Edit

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