Pink Box

Pink Easter Boxes were available during the Easter 2014 Event.

Every time players zapped a bunny, they earned a blue or pink egg. For every 500 eggs of a color players could have traded them for a prize box. There were three types of boxes: blue, pink or gold. Players could have also earned eggs by visiting neighbors every 24 hours—the first 30 actions gave 5 eggs, the second 30 actions gave 4 eggs, the next 30 actions gave 3 eggs, the fourth 30 actions gave 2 eggs and the last 180 actions gave 1 egg.

Chirpy Boy & Bart Jr. and the Blocko Store could have only been won once; their places were subsequently taken up with prizes of 250 blue eggs.


Image Name Blue Group Odds Pink Group Odds


Chirpy Boy & Bart Jr.


2% 5%
Blockostore menu


Blocko Store


3% 5%
Beach Towel and Umbrella Beach Towel and Umbrella 15% 12.5%
Easter Tree Easter Tree 15% 12.5%
Easterfence3x Easter Fence 20% 20%
100gold GoldEgg100 0% 45%
300gold GoldEgg300 45% 0%



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