Pier Section are the Springfield Heights Chapter 2 version of Squidport Expansion's Boardwalk Section. They are similar to Road and Pavement tiles, except they can only be placed on water. They were introduced to the game on December 2, 2015. Their price and length of time to build varies, as they can be produced from the Ornate Pier. Unlike the Squidport Expansion, no free sections come with the Ornate Pier.

Building sections Edit

Here is a table indicating how much it costs and how long it takes to build which section.

Section Time to Make Cost/How to Get Cost to Rush
1-3 6 seconds (18 seconds) Ads Indicator2 Donuts2 (6 total)
4-76 (73) 2 hours (6 days 2 hours) Ads Indicator10 Donuts2 (146 total)
Overall (76) 6 days 2 hours 18 seconds Ads Indicator736 Donuts152

Gallery Edit

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