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Physician, Heal Thyself is a short questline for the Level 51 content update that was released on April 8, 2015. It only started when the Player has purchased the Walk-in Therapy Stand.


Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
Physician, Heal Thyself Make Marvin Monroe Psychoanalyze Dr. Marvin Monroe 20h Cash100, Experience10 Marvin Monroe


Physician, Heal Thyself[]


Character Dialogue
Marvin Monroe Troubled Icon.png "So many patients... I've never been this stressed."
Marvin Monroe Troubled Icon.png "I should really speak to a therapist."
Marvin Monroe Icon.png "I'm lucky enough to have access to the best -- and only -- therapist in Springfield!"


Character Dialogue
Marvin Monroe Happy Icon.png "What a great session. I feel so much better now."
Marvin Monroe Mirrored Icon.png "I'll just tally up the bill and..."
Marvin Monroe Surprised Icon.png "Six hundred dollars?! That's insane!"
Marvin Monroe Surprised Icon.png "You psychiatrists are crooks! I should report you to the authorities, Dr. Monroe!"
Marvin Monroe Annoyed Mirrored Icon.png "Go ahead. Of course, then you'd have to admit you saw a psychiatrist."
Marvin Monroe Troubled Icon.png "Ooh, can't do that. Here, take your blood money!"
Marvin Monroe Happy Mirrored Icon.png "Yay! I'm rich!"