Pet Snake
Pet Snake Unlock
More robust than the average snake!


Pet Snake

Content Updates

Whacking Day 2013 Event
Whacking Day 2016 Event
Moe's Ark 2018 Event

Level Required


How to Unlock

7th Prize (2013)

Need to Collect

Snake Currency Icon5500 (2013)


Donuts 25 (2016, 2018)

Number of Jobs


Premium Character?

Nope (2013)
Check (2016, 2018)

Limited Time?


Character Collection

Whacking Day

— Pet Snake's unlock message

The Pet Snake is a limited-time NPC released on April 10, 2013, as part of the Whacking Day 2013 Event. It was the seventh prize to be won in the event.

It was re-released three years later for the Whacking Day 2016 Event as a premium item. It returned again on August 8, 2018 during the Moe's Ark 2018 Event.

Trivia Edit

  • When tapped, the snake will be whacked, but is left unaffected due to its protective helmet.

Gallery Edit