The Outdoor Opera Stage is a free, limited time building released on April 28, 2015 during Act Two of the Terwilligers 2015 Event. It became available when the Player started the Blessings of Guilt quest. Upon completion, Sideshow Bob was unlocked. When tapped on, Krusty's voice sings "We are out of Rice Krispies. *sobs*".


Similarly to the Monsarno Research and the Herbicide Squirter, the Outdoor Opera Stage had upgrades that could be applied to it once Act 3 had started. Each upgrade raised it one Level, and each Level added a new effect such as unlocking new items and new jobs for specific groups, as well as increasing the rewards from Jobs.

Each upgrade could be bought with DNA and Theatre Masks. As the Levels increased, the cost of each upgrade also increased.

Level Cost Reward
1 N/A Unlocks a Job for Kooks (automatically unlocked)
2 DNA100, Theatre Masks225 Unlocks a Job for Celebrities
3 DNA200, Theatre Masks450 More Theatre Masks AND Outdoor Opera Seats
4 DNA300, Theatre Masks675 Unlocks a Job for Youngsters
5 DNA400, Theatre Masks900 More Theatre Masks AND Outdoor Opera Ticket Booth
6 DNA500, Theatre Masks1125 Unlocks a Job for Entrepreneurs
7 DNA600, Theatre Masks1350 More Theatre Masks AND Outdoor Opera Seats
8 DNA700, Theatre Masks1575 Unlocks a Job for Criminals
9 DNA800, Theatre Masks1800 Unlocks a Job for Saints
n DNA( n - 1 ) * 100, Theatre Masks ( n - 1 ) * 225 More Theatre Masks

Job RewardsEdit

With most of the upgrades the player unlocked new event-related jobs. Each Task could only be completed by characters in a certain Character Group and awarded the player with event Currency. The following table shows all the available tasks along with their duration, their Character Group and their payouts.

Job Character Group Duration XP Reward at Level
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Be Inspired By Science Kooks 12h XP100 Theatre Masks13 Theatre Masks20 Theatre Masks26 Theatre Masks33 Theatre Masks34 Theatre Masks36 Theatre Masks37 Theatre Masks38 Theatre Masks39 Theatre Masks41
Adopt Foreign Children Celebrities 8h XP70 N/A Theatre Masks9 Theatre Masks14 Theatre Masks18 Theatre Masks23 Theatre Masks24 Theatre Masks25 Theatre Masks26 Theatre Masks27 Theatre Masks28
Understudy To The Undervalued Youngsters 6h XP55 N/A Theatre Masks11 Theatre Masks14 Theatre Masks18 Theatre Masks19 Theatre Masks20 Theatre Masks21 Theatre Masks22
Sell Seat Cushions Entrepreneurs 4h XP45 N/A Theatre Masks10 Theatre Masks13 Theatre Masks14 Theatre Masks15 Theatre Masks16
Hide From The Law Criminals 2h XP27 N/A Theatre Masks8 Theatre Masks9 Theatre Masks10
Sing Like An Angel Saints 60m XP17 N/A Theatre Masks5 Theatre Masks6 Theatre Masks7

Jobs InvolvedEdit

Regular Jobs

Cecil Terwilliger

  • Practice Stand-Up - 4h
  • Perform at the Opera - 6h

Dame Judith Underdunk

  • Perform at the Opera - 6h

Dr. Robert

  • Perform at the Opera - 6h

Francesca Terwilliger

  • Perform at the Opera - 6h

Gino Underdunk Terwilliger

  • Perform at the Opera - 6h

Sideshow Bob

  • Perform at the Opera - 6h



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