The Orb of Isis is a limited-time decoration that was released on June 11, 2017, as part of the Time Traveling Toaster 2017 Event. It was the fourth prize to be won in the event's Egyptian Era.

It was re-released on November 9, 2018, during Act 3 of the Treehouse of Horror XXIX Event. It could be bought in the Store for 60 donuts.

About Edit

Orb of Isis is an ancient Egyptian relic that was seen in the "Treasures of Isis" exhibit at the Springsonian Museum. Lisa was planning to see the exhibit, but Marge who promised to take her to the museum, had to leave to the hospital because of Bart's joke. Lisa took the bus, with permission, but then found out it was the wrong one.

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Dialogue Edit

Character Dialogue
Lisa Surprised Icon Oh my goodness - it's the Orb of Isis!
Homer Snobby Icon Eh, you seen one, you seen 'em all.
Lisa Shocked Icon Dad, it's four thousand years old.
Homer Skeptical Icon What does it want, a medal?
Lisa Angry Icon Why are you being so blasé in the face of archaeological wonder?
Homer Sarcastic Icon I 'unno. Makes me feel like a big shot, probably.

Trivia Edit

  • Only one can be obtained.
  • It can be placed on grass, pavement, dirt, beach, boardwalk, pier, edge of boardwalk, or edge of pier.
  • If you tap on it the Orb will open and play a music box tune.

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