The Orange House is a colored house. No characters are unlocked from this building. It is the last house from The New Evergreen Terrace quests to be unlocked. At a base price of 24500 cash it is also the most expensive of the coloured houses. Although the house isn't explicitly shown in The Simpsons with significance, it may have been shown along with other variations of houses in the show.

Jobs Involved Edit

Regular Jobs

Dr. Hibbert

  • Deal Organs on the Black Market - 4h

Santa Homer

  • Break in for Milk and Cookies - 60m

Event's Quest Based Jobs

Gabbo and Arthur

  • Get Tased - 60m
  • Mutter Angrily to Himself - 4h
  • Plan an Intervention - 8h
  • Rant - 8h

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