The Opera House is a premium building released on December 2, 2015, along with the Springfield Heights Chapter 2.

About Edit

Opera House is an opera house in Springfield, owned by Mr. Burns. Boris Csupowski performs here it closely resembles the real Sydney opera house.

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Jobs Involved Edit

Regular Jobs


  • Watch the Opera... Alone - 4h

Quest Based Jobs


  • Take Homer to the Opera - 4h

Dialogue Edit

Upon Placement Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Confused Icon What the heck is that?
Lisa Icon It's the Opera House! You were featured in several performances there!
Homer Dreamy Icon If I remembered every amazing thing I did, I'd have no room to remember the important stuff like your beautiful name, Lisorb.
Lisa Icon It's Lisa, Dad.
Homer Icon Tell that to your brother, Bort.
Homer Serious Icon Wait, it's all coming back, Lisorb. I hated it here.
Homer Sad Icon Everyone would look at me after saying it's not over until the fat lady sings.
Homer Sad Icon Just because I was in a hospital gown… and wig.
Homer Icon And I was blocking the fire exit demanding to sing.

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