Obesotade (Obesotade) was a limited time currency during the Tap Ball 2015 Event. A four bottles' pack of Obesotades was rewarded four times during the event:

  • 1st Daily Training's Task,
  • 6th Daily Training's Task,
  • 20th Daily Training's Task,
  • 25th Daily Training's Task.

The player could also purchase packs of Obesotade at the Amateur Shop.

Item Cost
Obesotade 4-pack (Obesotade4) Amateur Bucks400 or Donuts27
Obesotade 6-pack (Obesotade6) Amateur Bucks600 or Donuts40
Obesotade 12-pack (Obesotade12) Amateur Bucks1200 or Donuts80

A bottle of Obesotade was used to instantly recharge Tap Ball players.

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