Nightmares are four different types of NPC during the Treehouse of Horror XXVI Event in autumn 2015 that give event and crafting currency to get prizes once tapped. Those are "Zombies", "Snakes", "Bunnies", and "Skeletons." They appear on the streets of the Player's Springfield and their Neighbors' Springfields.

Rewards Edit

There are three different ways to collect rewards:

  • In the player's own town, they reward :
  • In their Friend's Towns, 1 crafting currency for the first 90 actions (1 per action).
  • Sending characters from the youngsters character group (excluding Fallout Boy) to "Make S'mores" on the Spooky Campfire.
    • Non-premium characters rewarded 2 nightmares and 4 event currency.
    • Premium characters (excluding Sherri and Terri) rewarded 4 nightmares and 8 event currency.
    • Sherri and Terri rewarded 8 nightmares and 16 event currency.

Trivia Edit

  • A maximum of 20 nightmares could be found in the player's town at a time.
    • However once the limit was reached, nightmares kept spawning to a bank until a combined total of sixty was reached.
    • Nightmares moved from the bank as soon as the nightmares in Springfield were tapped.
  • The spawn time of the nightmares depended on the level of the Spooky Campfire. It initially starts at 15 minutes, and is lowered by 5% each time the campfire is upgraded.

Types Edit

Nightmares appeared in four types. Each one rewarded one different type of crafting currency; those depended on which one of four youngsters were the last one sent to "Tell a Scary Story" on the Spooky Campfire.

  • Martin activates the spawning of Zombies.
  • Lisa activates the spawning of Snakes.
  • Milhouse activates the spawning of Bunnies.
  • Bart activates the spawning of Skeletons.

Gallery Edit

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