Nightfall? is a limited time premium side questline released on January 21st, 2016 with the Deep Space Homer 2016 Event. When complete, Comic Book Guy and Skinner get a new permanent task at the Springfield Observatory.

Quest Edit

Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
Nightfall? Make Intellectuals* Meet at Springfield Observatory (x3)
Make Frink** Host Observatory Event

* Characters: Lisa, Comic Book Guy, Skinner
** Only appears if player has Professor Frink

Dialogue Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Professor Frink Icon Springfield Observatory is the perfect venue for our greatest intellectual minds to meet. And we have an urgent matter to discuss!
Professor Frink Icon Lisa is our astronomer, Skinner is our behaviour scientist, and Comic Book Guy our local cynic.
Comic Book Guy Icon Plus head of T-shirt designs. By the way, the T-shirts are canceled this year. They don’t carry size XXXXXXXXXXXXL.
Professor Frink Sad Icon Without T-shirts how will people know we’re a part of this secret organization?

End Edit

Character Dialogue
Professor Frink Icon As you know, in this universe, we have daylight twenty-four seven. I recently have become concerned if the sun is ever blocked out.
Skinner Icon Absolute chaos. None of the bikes are equipped with reflective lights.
Comic Book Guy Icon Think larger! A frenzied riot of Asimovian proportions! Orgies everywhere! But it'll be too dark to watch them!
Professor Frink Sad Icon Glaven Jehosefat! Now for the most important question: Is there an eclipse on the horizon?
Lisa Annoyed Icon I've got a better question: what sort of genius built an observatory in a town where the sun is always shining?
Professor Frink Icon Shhh. You never know if the Sky Finger is listening.
New permanent jobs at the Springfield Observatory available for Skinner and Frink.
— System Message

Trivia Edit

  • Despite what is stated in the System Message, Comic Book Guy and Skinner, were the characters that got a new job after the quest line.
    • A patch on January 28th made the quest line job for Professor Frink permanent.
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