Night-Night-Nightmare! is a premium, limited time questline that was released on April 22, 2015 during the The Kids Are All Fight Promotional. It was only unlocked if the player has purchased the Nightmare Pile.


Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
Night-Night-Nightmare Pt. 1 Make Bart Dig for a Costume (x3)
Make Lisa Dig for a Costume (x3)
2h (x3)
2h (x3)
Cash100, XP10 Bart

Night-Night-Nightmare (Youngster) After the questline ended, the player was able to send another youngster to dig for a costume. The new questline did not show as usual, the player had to find the Clown Bed Face icon in the Task Book.



Character Dialogue
Bart Sad Icon Everything in that pile gives me the willies. Especially Willie!
Lisa Icon Yeah, I can't wait for Dad to throw all this stuff out.
Bart Icon But, you know, our old Halloween costumes ARE in there.
Lisa Shocked Icon You're right. I'll save you, "Unicorn Deformed by Ground Water Toxins from Fracking!"
Bart Icon And I've gotta rescue "Dude from ‘One Direction' Who Got Guitar Picks Pushed into Face Hellraiser-Style!"

After digging 3 times

A new Halloween costume job is available at the Nightmare Pile!
— In-Game Message


  • In order to find their costume tasks at the Pile, the Kids previously had to perform the questline.


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