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The Mystery Box was an object available which gave the player a random item. The Mystery Box had a cost of 6 donuts and the player could win a max of 40. The Mystery Box got replaced by a updated version on April 1, 2015, which offered higher chances at attaining higher-priced premium items. It was released with the game's initial launch and could be obtained in a number of ways:

If the player played the game for 5 days in a row when there was no theme in the game, they won a Mystery Box. Most players claim that they have won either Dumpsters, Flower Planters or Newspaper Dispensers.

In the Revised Mystery Box, unlike the Mystery Box, you do not receive the donut value if you already have an item. Ex: If you already have the Tire Fire and you purchase a mystery box, you cannot recieve 40 donuts instead of it.

A list of items that could have been won in the Mystery Box can be found below.

Items from a Mystery BoxEdit

Item Chance of winning Item's Actual Price
Mystery Box 10.983% Donuts6
Lemon Tree (Cash250 if already acquired) 10% Mystery Box Only
Parking Lot 10% Cash175
Brown Fence 10% Cash270
Tree 10% CashPrice varies
Large Hedge (3) 10% Cash975
Newspaper Dispenser 10% Cash325
Picket Fence (x3) 4% Donuts3
Gazebo 4% Cash5600
Angel Topiary 4% Cash2000
Cash1000 4%
Premium Bench (with towel) 4% Donuts6
Cash500 4%
Donuts10 2%
Squeaky Voice Teen (or Donuts30 if you already have it) 2% Donuts30
Homer Buddha 1% Donuts15
Cash2500 0.01%
Donuts30 0.004%
Tire Fire(or Donuts40 if you already have it) 0.002% Donuts40
Lard Lad Donuts 0.001% Donuts110


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