The Muntz House is the a building unlocked during Level 21. It costs 36750 cash and upon completion the player will unlock Nelson.

About Edit

19 Fish Smell Drive is the address where the Muntz Family live. Their house is made up of one room where the walls, floor, and ceiling are made up entirely of wood. The house is a common stereotype for the house of a hillbilly family, similar to Cletus's.

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Jobs Involved Edit

Regular Jobs

Nelson Muntz

  • Play the Guitar - 8hr

Mrs. Muntz

  • Have a Counting Crows Phase - 8h

Façades Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Muntz House's original price (when Level 21 was released) was 92500 cash.
  • In the Days of Future Future Promotional, Homer would raid the house for food.
  • During the Christmas 2014 Event, the player had the option to buy the Christmas Façade for 10 Donuts
  • If someone does a job there, a raccoon appears on the top of the roof and chews on the red wire.

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