Moonbounce was unlocked at the level 46 update on October 22, 2014 after completion of the Easy A quest-line. The building functions much like Cletus's Farm and Channel 6

Bounce A KidEdit

Each Moonbounce task costs Cash50 and returns Cash225, for a profit of Cash175 when bouncing a regular character and Cash310, for a profit of Cash260 when bouncing a premium character (or Cash570 when bouncing Sherri & Terri).

At first glance, the Moonbounce's earnings appear to be equal to the characters' 4h task, but actually the Moonbounce is slightly more profitable. This is because the Moonbounce payout is modified by your global Cash/XP bonus. The Moonbounce cost of Cash50 is fixed, but the payout of 225/310/570 is multiplied by the Cash/XP bonus, so any Moonbounce task is (Cash50 * Cash/XP Bonus%) more profitable than the standard 4h task. However, as only one kid can be bounced at a time, this additional profit is miniscule.

Characters that can be BouncedEdit

Image Task Income Experience Time Requires
Adil Hoxha Icon
Bounce Adil Cash310 XP70 4h Adil Hoxha
Allison Taylor Icon
Bounce Allison Taylor Cash310 XP70 4h Allison Taylor
Angel Lisa Sidebar
Bounce Angel Lisa Cash225 XP45 4h Angel Lisa
Bart Icon Bounce Bart Cash225 XP45 4h Bart
Brendan Beiderbecke Sidebar Bounce Brendan Cash310 XP70 4h Brendan Beiderbecke
Database Icon
Bounce Database Cash225 XP45 4h Database
Dia-Betty Icon Bounce Dia-Betty Cash310 XP70 4h Dia-Betty
Dolph Icon Bounce Dolph Cash225 XP75 4h Dolph
Gina Vendetti Sidebar Bounce Gina Cash225 XP45 4h Gina Vendetti
Gino Underdunk Terwilliger Icon Bounce Gino Cash310 XP75 4h Gino Underdunk Terwilliger
Greta Wolfcastle Icon Bounce Greta Cash310 XP75 4h Greta Wolfcastle
Janey Icon Bounce Janey Cash225 XP70 4h Janey
Jenda Icon Bounce Jenda Cash225 XP45 4h Jenda
Jessica Lovejoy Icon Bounce Jessica Lovejoy Cash310 XP70 4h Jessica Lovejoy
Jimbo Icon Bounce Jimbo Cash310 XP70 4h Jimbo
Kearney Icon Bounce Kearney Cash310 XP70 4h Kearney
Laura Powers Icon Bounce Laura Cash310 XP70 4h Laura Powers
Lisa Icon Bounce Lisa Cash225 XP45 4h Lisa
Luke Stetson Icon Bounce Luke Cash310 XP70 4h Luke Stetson
Martin Icon Bounce Martin Cash225 XP45 4h Martin
Michael D'Amico Icon Bounce Michael Cash225 XP45 4h Michael D’Amico
Milhouse Icon Bounce Milhouse Cash225 XP45 4h Milhouse
Nelson Icon Bounce Nelson Cash225 XP45 4h Nelson
Ralph Icon Bounce Ralph Cash225 XP45 4h Ralph
Rod Icon Bounce Rod Cash225 XP45 4h Rod
Samantha Stankey Sidebar Bounce Samantha Stankey Cash310 XP70 4h Samantha Stankey
Shauna Icon Bounce Shauna Cash310 XP70 4h Shauna
Sherri & Terri Icon Bounce Sherri and Terri Cash570 XP140 4h Sherri and Terri
Todd Icon Bounce Todd Cash225 XP45 4h Todd
Uter Icon Bounce Uter Cash310 XP70 4h Uter
Willie Icon Hurt Other Kids Cash225 XP45 4h One Small Bounce For Man... Pt. 2
This is a temporary task when you first place the Moonbounce.


  • The bouncing sound effect was replaced by the kids screaming and laughing sound effects in future updates.


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