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Money (Cash), often referred to as Cash, is the main currency in The Simpsons: Tapped Out. It can be collected by finishing characters' jobs, collecting income from buildings, winning from a Scratch-R or Springfield Downs, or exchanging Krustyland Tickets for it at the Krustyland Entrance (one must finish the The Krusty-est Place On Earth main questline). The most expensive item currently available for Money purchase is the Sit-N-Rotate which will cost the player ten million Money to buy. All of the main story line buildings are bought with Money, and so are most decorations. Money has been in the game since its official launch in 2012.

The Store[]

Donuts can be used to purchase Money. Below is a list of Money packages which can be purchased with Donuts in-game. (The money increases when you level up!)

Image Cost in Donuts Amount of Money until Level 8 Formula on Level 9 or Higher Amount of Money on Level 60 Amount of Money on Level 939
Store Money Grind Pack 8.png Donuts1600 Cash500,000 Cash500000 + (Level-8)*100000 Cash5,700,000 Cash93,600,000
Store Money Grind Pack 7.png Donuts1000 Cash300,000 Cash300000 + (Level-8)*60000 Cash3,420,000 Cash56,160,000
Store Money Grind Pack 6.png Donuts550 Cash150,000 Cash150000 + (Level-8)*30000 Cash1,710,000 Cash28,080,000
Store Money Grind Pack 5.png Donuts285 Cash75,000 Cash75000 + (Level-8)*15000 Cash855,000 Cash14,040,000
Store Money Grind Pack 4.png Donuts100 Cash25,000 Cash25000 + (Level-8)*5000 Cash285,000 Cash4,680,000
Store Money Grind Pack 3.png Donuts65 Cash15,000 Cash15000 + (Level-8)*3000 Cash171,000 Cash2,808,000
Store Money Grind Pack 2.png Donuts30 Cash6,250 Cash6250 + (Level-8)*1250 Cash71,250 Cash1,170,000
Store Money Grind Pack 1.png Donuts9 Cash1,250 Cash1250 + (Level-8)*250 Cash14,250 Cash234,000


  • The maximum amount of Money a player can have is Cash4,294,967,295. Everything earned past this amount gets spoiled.