Moe's New Suit was a quest chain available during the Whiskey Business Promotional.


Quest Requirements Reward
Moe's New Suit Pt.1 Make Respectable Moe Strut in the Suit Cash100
Moe's New Suit Pt.2 Make Respectable Moe Dine at the Truffle
Make Homer Dine at the Truffle
Make Marge Dine at the Truffle
Moe's New Suit Pt.3 Make Respectable Moe Clean the Tavern Cash100
Moe's New Suit Pt.4 Make Respectable Moe Distill 15-Year-Old Whiskey Cash100


Moe's New Suit Part 1Edit

Moe Icon "What's this? A suit! And in my thin-shouldered hunch-backed Quasimodo size!"
Homer Icon "Wow Moe! When you wear it, it looks like you're standing up straight!"
Moe Icon "That's because I AM standing up straight. For the first time in my life I've got self-loathing!"
Homer Icon "You mean "self-confidence"?"
Moe Icon "Yeah, that one. I'm just so used to saying the other. 

Moe's New Suit Part 2Edit

Homer Icon "You know Marge, I think things are looking up for Moe."
Marge Icon "I’m just glad to see him doing something other than leering at me from a bush."
Homer Icon "Hey Moe! Marge and I were thinking of going out for a bite. Normally we wouldn’t invite you on account of you being unpleasant and unpresentable and… well, you, know, you. But now you’ve got that suit, we don’t mind being seen with you in public."
Moe Icon "That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me."
Homer Icon "So what do you say we grab dinner at Luigi’s?"
Moe Icon "Screw that! Let’s go someplace fancy!"
Homer Icon "Um… okay."
Moe Icon "And we’ll get drinks and appetizers and entrees and desserts!"
Homer Icon "I don’t know…"
Moe Icon "And the whole dinner will be your treat!"
Homer Icon "Maybe this isn’t such a good idea."
Moe Icon "Too late! I already called ahead and ordered one of everything on the menu."

Moe's New Suit Part 3Edit

This part of the conversation occurs before Respectable Moe has Cleaned the Tavern.

Moe Icon "Thanks for dinner, guys."
Marge Icon "You’re more than welcome Moe. It’s so nice to see you looking so slick. Is there “someone special” we don’t know about?"
Moe Icon "No. This suit can do a lot of things, but even it can’t make me attractive to dames."

This part of the conversation occurs after Respectable Moe has Cleaned the Tavern.

Homer Icon "Wow, the bar looks great all cleaned up! I never knew it has brass rails. Or a floor."
Moe Icon "Yeah, but I still haven’t met anyone. Where are all the women in this town?"
Homer Icon "I hear you, buddy – it took me 15 levels to find Marge!"
Moe Icon "*sigh* It’s like I’m trapped in a world created by a bunch of writers who don’t know anything about women."

Moe's New Suit Part 4Edit

Moe Icon "There’s a saying – unlucky at love, lucky at getting drunk. I’m going to distill some 15-year-old whiskey. Let’s hope it doesn’t actually take 15 years, like that growing corn at Cletus’ Farm job."
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